At what age may children of divorced parents determine with which parent they wish to reside?
Many courts in and around the Sebastian and Crawford County area generally require that a child reach the age of 13 before making a decision regarding with which parent they wish to reside. However, the courts do look at cases individually depending upon the facts therein.

What is the difference between an uncontested and a contested divorce?
An uncontested divorce is when both parties agree on every aspect of the divorce including division of property, division of marital debt and custody of the children and child support to be paid thereto. A contested divorce is an action in which some issue including, but not limited to, division of property, assets, debts, or child custody is in question or dispute.

Why should I incorporate my business?
Several advantages exists to business entities should they incorporate. These advantages include, but are not limited to liability protection, tax benefits, survival of the corporation after the death of an owner and ease of transfer of ownership. Subchaper S corporations and charitable organizations can also recieve additional benefits.

What are the advantages to having a Will?
Executing a Will allows an individual to determine how his property will be divided upon his death. Only by executing a Will can a person insure that his wishes will be followed after his death. If an individual dies without having a will, or intestate, the Probate Judge or an administrator of the estate will determine how property and assets will be divided, many times in derogation of the deceased person's wishes.

What is a power of attorney?
A power of attorney is a legal document which allows an individual of your choosing to manage all of your affairs should you become unable to do so.

I have been injured and am not able to work, am I entitled to Social Security Disability?
Many factors determine whether a person qualifies for Social Security Disability, including, but not limited to the extent of a person's injuries; how long tht person has been employed; how long the person's spouse has been employed, etc.

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